Our Colon Cleanse Therapies Include:

Colon Hydrotherapy


The Colon Hydrotherapy process is gentle.  A tube is inserted with which directs the warm, filtered and temperature regulated water into the colon.  The waste is softened and loosened, resulting in evacuation of waste products including held gas through natural peristalsis.  The process of introducing water to the colon is repeated several times during the session.  breakupIn addition to gently flushing the colon, the therapist uses massage, breathing techniques and pressure points to aid in deeper cleansing.  The assistance helps the elimination of toxic waste.  (Colon Hydrotherapy is also known as a colonic, colon cleansing and colonic irrigation.)

You should not experience discomfort; for any reason you may end the session as you wish.  You have the choice to administer your own speculum insertion.  The speculum used at BodywoRx are less than an inch in diameter, have a guard so that the speculum is inserted no more than two inches and have an applicator for ease of insertion…making the process comfortable.    The system used by I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist is a closed FDA approved Dotolo Toxygen device that is cleaned and disinfected after every use.  The supplies that are used are disposable FDA approved as well.  The sessions on the closed system are tailored to naturally complement the body’s delicate nervous system and spontaneous movements.

colonOften three to six sessions or a monthly session is recommended in cases of chronic constipation so that the bowels can gain a natural balanced rhythm.  Subsequent sessions are recommended based on your personal goals of Reviving, Energizing, or Hydrating or Balancing your health.  Every person’s health goals differ and there is a program for all individual.  Just as people go to the gym and have an exercise program to tighten and tone their outer body, we offer programs so people have the opportunity to cleanse, tone, and rebuild the strength of their inner body/organs.

Colon Hydrotherapy can be part of a maintenance health program, just like going to the dentist twice a year.  You are willing to have your teeth cleaned twice a year…why are you not cleaning your bowels?  services_colonichydroThe colon is the sewer of your body that is also responsible for delivering nutrients and vitamins to all your other organs.  When the colon is healthy it will produce two-five well-formed bowel movements a day.

Myofascial Release (MFR) Therapy

colonic-393x300Myofascial Release Therapy is meant to help clients return to a pain free, active lifestyle.  The John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach® is gentle, safe and effective.  Lasting results are achieved when the entire Myofascial mind/body complex receives therapy.

Myofascial Release Therapy consists of a hands-on administration of pressure on skin without machinery or lubrication.  The MFR therapist will find restrictions and hold light, constant pressure on skin with hands until fascia releases.

Detox Infrared Sauna Therapy

mode-detoxInfrared saunas increase the body’s core temperature thus resulting in a much deeper, more detoxifying sweat from the cellular level of the skin where many toxins are housed.

Colon Cleanse Pricing

New Client Colon Cleanse
(120 minutes)

Explore optimum health goals in your consultation.  Enjoy fifteen minutes of MFR Therapy to relieve stagnation and restrictions in your belly.  Recondition and cleanse your sluggish colon while closing your eyes and relaxing during a Colon Hydrotherapy closed system session with an I-ACT Certified Therapist.   Warm up your body’s temperature in a blissfully warm fifteen minute Detox Infrared Sauna treatment.

Energizing Colon Cleanse:
Single Session $180

BodywoRx Signature Reviving Colon Cleanse
(180 minutes)

Discuss digestion and diet with an experience therapist.  Alleviate restrictions during your thirty-minute MFR Therapy time.  Restore and rejuvenate your colon health through a relaxed Colon Hydrotherapy closed system session with an I-ACT Certified Therapist.  Release toxins from body and assist the natural osmosis process during thirty-seven minutes of Detox Infrared Sauna treatment.

BodywoRx Signature Reviving Colon Cleanse:
Single Session and Programs available. ($285-$813)

Energizing Colon Cleanse
(120 minutes)

Discuss digestion.  Enjoy fifteen minutes of MFR Therapy to relieve stagnation and restrictions in your belly.  Recondition and cleanse your sluggish colon while closing your eyes and relaxing during a Colon Hydrotherapy closed system session with an I-ACT Certified Therapist.   Warm up your body’s temperature in a blissfully warm fifteen minute Detox Infrared Sauna treatment.

Energizing Colon Cleanse:
Single Session and Programs available. ($240-$684)

Hydrating Colon Cleanse
(90 minutes)

Clean and rejuvenate your large intestines with Colon Hydrotherapy closed system session and MFR Therapy administered by an I-ACT Certified Therapist. *New clients must complete New Client Colon Cleanse before booking this appointment type.*

Hydrating Colon Cleanse:
Single Session and Programs available. ($180-$522)

Balancing Colon Cleanse Membership
(75 minutes)

Maintain & balance a healthy colon monthly.  Schedule a single session once a month for six months.  Session includes Colon Hydrotherapy closed system session with an I-ACT Certified Therapist and fifteen minutes of Detox Infrared Sauna treatment.  *New clients must complete New Client Colon Cleanse before signing up for this program.*

Balancing Colon Cleanse Membership:
Program available.

Consultation and Coaching
(30 min)

Single Lifestyle Consultation – $60

Colonoscopy Natural Preparation
(120 minutes)

The Colonoscopy Natural Preparation includes three sessions of the Energizing Colon Cleanse three consecutive days prior to the medical colonoscopy procedure.  Ideally, the third session is set for first thing in the morning just prior to the colonoscopy.  In addition to three sessions of colon cleanse, you will receive supplements, menu planning guides, and support during your preparation.

Colonoscopy Natural Preparation:
Three Day Program / Colonoscopy Natural Preparation – $580

Colonoscopy Preparation Videos


Other Applications for Colon Hydrotherapy Video


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Colon Hydrotherapy help?

Colon Hydrotherapy will help you have better health naturally.  Some clients come for constipation and movement training, but more of my clients come to improve their colon strength, detoxification from all the food and/or environmental toxins, improve energy, and for gentle cleansing.

Your body may benefit from Colon Hydrotherapy if you experience:  Arthritis, Backaches,  Bad Breath, Bloating, Candida, Constipation, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Hemorrhoids, Indigestion, Irritable Bowel, Irritated Gallbladder, Irritated Liver, Insomnia, Parasites, Prostate Trouble, Skin Problems, and Weight Issues.

Colon cleansing clears undigested waste and makes the digestive system more effective, it prevents constipation and maintains regularity, increases energy, allows the body to absorb vitamins and nutrients because the obstructions are removed, improves concentration, kick-starts weight loss, increases fertility, and decreases rick of colon cancer,  maintains pH in bloodstream and improves whole-body well-being by ridding the colon of waste and toxins.

Why is it beneficial to combine Colon Hydrotherapy with Myofascial Release Therapy?

Naturally the therapist uses massage, breathing techniques and pressure points to aid in deeper cleansing during the Colon Hydrotherapy session(s).  At BodywoRx we have found clients to improve their natural movements beyond the typical manipulation of the belly.  When Myofascial restrictions that decrease the flow of the digestive tract are reduced, clients have better success at maintaining natural and fruitful movements.

Why is it beneficial to combine Colon Hydrotherapy with Infrared Sauna Therapy?

Often clients’ body temperatures and circulation are low hindering the osmosis process in the body.  Osmosis in the digestive system plays a key role in nutrient absorption.  The Infrared Sauna promotes body temperatures to rise from the inside out and circulation increases allowing a rich environment for nutrients to absorbed and nutrients to be distributed more effectively.

Colon Hydrotherapy cleanses toxins and obstructed waste and leaves fresh filtered water behind to rehydrate and support natural osmosis in the large intestines.  The Detox Infrared Sauna session continues to eliminate toxins through the skin after the colon cleanse and provides an environment of health inside the body for optimum temperature and functioning.

How do I prepare for my colon cleanse?

  • The days before the appointment eat as many water content foods as possible, examples: raw and cooked green leafy vegetables, raw vegetable drinks and whole grains. This will start hydrating the colon to ease your experience.
  • Try to cut down on all processed foods, examples: white flour products, cheese, dried foods, greasy foods and sugar. These foods have a tendency to dehydrate the colon and can make the experience more challenging.
  • Avoid all diuretic foods one day prior to your appointment, including; coffee, tea or soda. These can dehydrate and also make the bladder full.
  • Avoid eating and drinking 2 hours before the colon hydrotherapy appointment.  It can make your bladder full during the colon hydrotherapy session.
  • Be prepared to eat a healthy snack after your treatment.

What should I prepare for after my colon cleanse?

  • It is best to eat light foods that are easy on the digestive system, example; steamed vegetables, soup and light protein (fish, chicken, tofu…), avoiding nuts, salads and icy foods and drinks, since the colon just exercised.
  • Drink more water to continue hydrating.
  • Adding 1 tbsp. of chlorophyll or ¼ tsp. pink salt to your water will help absorption.
  • Adding 2 tbsp. of lemon or 1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar in your water can help alkalinize.
  • Days following the session should be filled with vegetables (raw and steamed), soup, fruits, whole grains and pure water (not tap). Salads and raw foods have great enzymes and fiber.
  • For better health, avoid anything processed, bottled or canned; sugar, pasteurized dairy and all whites/starches (sugar, flour, rice).
  • Notice the foods that make you bloated and avoid them for at least 5 – 7 days.
  • Then reintroduce and see if that is the offending food.

How do I know if my bowels are sluggish and constipated?

  • I have less than 2 bowel movements a day.
  • My stool is small, slender, narrow, short or hard when passing.
  • I see half-digested food or blood in my stool.
  • I strain and push when I eliminate.
  • I have emergency eliminations…I expel waste within seconds of sitting down.
  • I can’t remember the last time I had a bowel movement.
  • I do not drink water on a normal bases.
  • I feel ill, foggy, and sluggish throughout the day.
  • I feel like sleeping or I do sleep all the time.
  • I just had surgery and I was on pain medication.

What is Fascia?

Fascia surrounds and attaches to all structures in the body including bones, organs, veins, arteries and more.  Healthy fascia is relaxed and wavy in property and will stretch with no restrictions.  If trauma (both emotional and physical), inflammation or scarring occur, fascia tends to become tight and restricted.  Often this tightness become the source for tension in the remaining body…having a domino effect on pain in the rest of the body.  Restricted fascia has a direct effect of the comfort  and function of the whole body including excesses pain and pressure, lack of flexibility and stability, and higher mental and body stress.

What does MFR therapy help?

Your body may benefit from MFR if you experience things: Back Pain, Bladder Problems, Birth Injuries, Bulging Disc, Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Cervical and Lumbar Injuries, Chronic Fatigues Syndrome, Chronic Pain, Degenerative Disc Disease, Endometriosis, Emotional Trauma, Fibromyalgia, Frozen Shoulder, Herniated Disc, Headaches and Migraines, Infertility, Interstitial Cystitis, Menstrual Problems, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Neck Pain Osteoarthritis, Pelvic Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Pudendal Nerve Entrapment, Scars, Sciatica, Shin Splints, Tennis Elbow, Tinnitus (ear ringing), TMJ Syndrome, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Vulvodynia, and Whiplash.